A Coming Soon listing refers to a property that is not available for showing or sale until a later date. “Coming soon” can be a legitimate advertising technique, allowing the owners more time to complete repairs, pack, or otherwise prepare the property for showing or sale. A legitimate Coming Soon listing should truly be unavailable for purchase or showing.

When you’ve just landed a new real estate property, what’s the first thing you want to do? Get a sign in the yard with a coming soon plaque. Why? Because it creates interest before the property is officially on the market. It builds excitement for anyone driving by and attracts buyers interested in moving to the area. The downside is… it requires someone to drive by. You could post an image on social media too, but online marketing prefers video so what do you do?

Create an aerial drone video showcasing the property and neighborhood.

The MLS featured image taken from a drone’s perspective is the perfect opportunity to grab the attention of a potential buyer with an incredible first impression that sets the property apart from all others.

This isn’t a new marketing tactic, but it’s one that million dollar companies use to drum up interest for their products. For example, consider the big cell phone company commercials that come out in April and August teasing upgraded phone models. They’re not all encompassing commercials telling you about every feature. They’re teasers and quick clips showing something big is coming and just giving you just enough to build a sense of “want”.

Coming Soon Listings will allow agents to showcase their property before it even hits the market!

Professional aerial video can be used online, featured on the company website, on a personal website, on a multitude of Internet platforms, and utilized extensively in social media, marketing, branding and more.

When you list a real estate listing before interior photos are available, you’re listing fact-based home features. But such listings – square footage, lot size, number of bedrooms, baths, etc. – tell the prospective buyer nothing about the experience of living in the home. Story-based listings that weave the home’s facts and figures into the story romance the listing and make it come alive. Don’t just write a listing, tell a story about the home and most clients wants a video but not all agents provide them. A video can do more than just show off the house, it can also showcase the neighborhood and local features.

Coming soon listings should be genuine upcoming lists for the public.  In a recent article by NAR General Counsel Katherine Johnson, “Coming Soon – Is it in the Seller’s Best Interest?” provided these tips to make sure you are staying in compliance.

6 best practices for legitimate Coming Soon listings …

  • Are only for properties under a signed listing agreement.
  • Comply with all state licensing laws and regulations.
  • Have a compelling reason that this tactic is in the best interest of the client.
  • Have the client’s informed consent in a thoroughly documented written agreement.
  • Restrict showings and bids equally to all potential buyers.
  • Comply with MLS rules.

If you have a “coming soon property” and want to start promoting the home’s story, contact Agent Aerials to schedule a flight and start creating a buzz about your new real estate property. Here’s a recent aerial package we did for The Briggs Team in Anne Arundel County, Maryland.