It seems like every day there is another company popping up that offers drone photography and videography services. When searching for the right drone company, it’s important to look for these 3 key areas::

They are licensed:

Always ask for evidence that your drone operator is licensed through the FAA and sufficiently insured. Not only does this ensure that the drone pilot knows the rules they need to follow, but it also protects you from being associated with any illegal operations. Look for a drone company touting an FAA License.


There are a number of insurance options out there for drone pilots. Make sure that your hired drone operator has liability insurance in the event something goes wrong and they damage that beautiful house you are trying to sell. Standard liability policies cover up to $1,000,000.

Experience and Quality

If someone is offering their drone services, it’s a given that they should have a demo reel of properties they have photographed and filmed. Go to their website, check out their work, and make sure it measures up to your standards. Not all drone operators are created equal. It takes practice and skill to get those smooth drone shots that make or break a listing video. Ask potential drone operators and editors whether they have done real estate-specific work before. Request samples of their work and pay close attention to whether they have experience shooting properties or landscapes similar to your listing.

The price will vary based on your location, the skill and reputation of the photographer, necessary editing, and the difficulty of what you want to shoot. Editing and revisions, which can cost around $900 for a day of editing, may or may not be included in the price, so always ask before hiring someone. Our real estate packages have options to include editing at no additional charge.

Because pricing can differ greatly, you should think of hiring a drone photographer like ordering wine in a restaurant. Steer clear of the cheapest on the list. If you do come across a company that charges much less or much more than the average in your area, put in a little extra time to vet them thoroughly by considering past work and customer reviews.

When vetting an aerial photographer, make sure they either specialize in or have extensive experience with real estate marketing. A company that primarily shoots for insurance companies will probably not have the skills you need to show your listing in its best light. If you’re looking for a great drone photographer, check out our real estate packages and some of our best properties.