If you want to sell your yacht or you’re a brokerage specializing in yacht sales, half the challenge is getting interested buyers to make contact. No one will make the trip to see your yacht without first seeing photos, but there are so many pictures of yachts online already – so how do you stand out?

Change up your marketing tactics with high resolution aerial video for your yacht.

Imagine this… Bird’s eye view gliding across the water with no shore in sight. There are no horns beeping, traffic, or red lights. Nothing but the sun, wind, and open water. That’s what owning a yacht feels like. Leaving the world behind and escaping at your convenience. You’re not selling a car, it’s not a necessity. You’re selling a lifestyle and what better way to boost your marketing than with aerial video for your yacht?

Here are 3 ways aerial drone video can help you increase yacht sales:

  1. Video can accomplish so much more than a photograph ever could. We’re living in the age of live social media videos and 360 videos where you can pinch zoom and pan in any direction. People, consumers especially want to interact with your product before they commit their time or enter the “buy-cycle”.
  2. Dollar-for-dollar, high-production video transforms your ability to connect with your customers. Videos capture attention and disrupt the scroll through auditory and visual senses. According to studies, the average viewer remembers 95% of a message when it is watched, whereas only 10% when read. A well-made video also encourages more sharing, which in turn could mean more leads for your business.
  3. Video tells a story — The story makes the sale. It’s about capturing the impossible and insight emotion and a sense of want in your buyers. What better way than to show an aerial video of your yacht cruising the waves.

For example, take a look at our marketing campaign for Beneteau. We combined different angles with moving and resting video to create a story of what life would be like on this boat with your family.

Agent Aerials helps Beneteau Americas launch their Antares line of motor boats from Agent Aerials on Vimeo.

Set against the backdrop of beautiful blue skies, the drone pans above the Annapolis harbors, revealing spectacular aerial views of an impressive array of yachts. The video pans and captures the exterior from ground level then rises high to showcase the yacht from a distance. From the dock, through a ride on the waves, we’ll create a stunning story for your yacht.

So don’t get left behind as your competition makes the leap to story. Take advantage of powerful storytelling to elevate your sales – and outmaneuver the competition. Agent Aerials provide professional aerial photos and ultra HD 4k videos of your boat blasting down the Chesapeake Bay, cruising in the Potomac River, or moored up in the marina.