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 Agent Aerials Helped Market New Antares Yacht Fleet 

Founded in 1884, Beneteau builds from high-performing racing to cruising yachts and powerboats; famous worldwide for innovation, quality, and seaworthiness.

When they wanted to capture the Chesapeake Bay Yacht audience, we had to rethink what life on the Eastern Shore looked like.  

We pulled in our best pilots to capture all the angles of the Beneteau Antares Yacht Fleet, including a few ground-up shots, cruising by the Chesapeake Bay Bridge, and how families could enjoy a new yacht. 

Part of selling, is telling a story and walking in your audience’s shoes. 

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Beneteau is a well-known established boat manufacturer in Europe and most of their marketing videos and images look like far away destinations. When Beneteau wanted to launch their new American lines, their team knew it would be important to show local waterways, local families, and well-known landmarks.  To help the local market connect with Beneteau’s brand we chose the Chesapeake Bay as our backdrop. The scenery resonates with locals because it’s apart of the lifestyle for anyone in the Maryland, Virginia area.

We carefully filmed the Antares  trolling through the marinas and estuaries, and docking in open water. From there we allowed the family to enjoy a typical day on the water and we captured it all; from breakfast as a family to water fun, we crafted a story of what boating life is in the Chesapeake Bay area.

Agent Aerials Antares  Launch Campaign was so successful Beneteau was at limited stock in the first few weeks. 

Marketing Brochure

All the imagery in Beneteau’s marketing brochures was provided by Agent Aerials Pilots. Not only did we capture the outside, but our interior photos helped highlight how spacious the yacht is.

Want to see how Agent Aerials can you help you kickstart marketing for your yacht or sailboat line? 

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