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How To Make a Real Estate Video That Sells

Now that more and more real estate agents have access to aerial photos and videos through drones, homebuyers and sellers are changing the way they expect to interact with real estate listings.Think matterport and virtual walkthroughs. Still images are not enough to...

How to Hire The Best Drone Pilot for Your Real Estate Listing

It seems like every day there is another company popping up that offers drone photography and videography services. When searching for the right drone company, it’s important to look for these 3 key areas:: They are licensed: Always ask for evidence that your drone...

Is Drone Photography right for your MLS Listing?

Limit the use of drone videos to specific properties that will benefit from this type of footage (like elaborate properties or large lots), use drones to highlight a property’s amenities, and help clients envision the property. To help get you started, here are the...

3 Reasons Aerial Drone Video Sells More Yachts

If you want to sell your yacht or you’re a brokerage specializing in yacht sales, half the challenge is getting interested buyers to make contact. No one will make the trip to see your yacht without first seeing photos, but there are so many pictures of yachts online...

5 Reasons Why Should You Use Aerial Drones In Your Next MLS Listing

Internet marketing and visual content is king. Real estate agents must hop aboard the video marketing train to stay competitive! What’s a Real Estate Agent’s number one goal? To list and sell more homes and create repeat customers. Agent Aerials is a team of licensed...

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